YASSiN Lifts Our Spirits with a Refreshing Single, "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)"

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the genre-weaving producer, artist, and songwriter YASSiN teams up with singer-songwriter Sean Terrio for their latest uplifting collaboration entitled "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)."

Working behind the scenes in the industry for about a decade, YASSiN continually seeks new ways to explore fresh sounds and approaches. YASSiN is well-known for his versatility, as he writes and produces his music while searching for artists who could meet his expectations.

Finally landing on the USA-bred singer-songwriter Sean Terrio, the two have found their creative match made in heaven, and listeners can explore their sound through the uplifting single, "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)." When speaking about the song, YASSiN mentioned, "I needed a little escape from the reality of our situation, and dreamed up what I'd rather be doing than being stuck at home."

Hitting play on their lively single, "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)," we're met with a groovy array of guitars and Sean Terrio's soulful vocal stylings. While singing reminiscent lyricism of the days of freedom and carelessness with a lover, Terrio truly offers all the soul and emotion to get our hearts fluttering.

Listening to YASSiN's playful, energetic, and refreshing instrumentation/production, he offers vast ear-pleasing elements through the swinging guitars, a plucky bassline, and rhythmic drum patterns. Not to mention the addition of a powerful brass section towards the outro, this track truly acts as an anthem for freedom and well-being.

Allow YASSiN and Sean Terrio to take you on a trip to better days with their latest single, "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)," now available on all streaming platforms.

We love the uplifting feel of your latest single, "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)." What compelled you to create such a refreshing and spirited single like this?

I wrote the song back in April 2020, so it was the very beginning of the first lockdown we had in Canada. Like many, the isolation was definitely getting to me. It felt like the 100th day in a row of rain where I sat on the floor and wrote the song. I just needed to escape a little bit, so I thought of all the things I wished I was doing and thought of the person I wanted to be with at the moment; and turned it into this song. It's also my way of thinking forward to the day we can all interact with each other without any fear of COVID. I hope it's a song that people can dance to together one day.

Seeing as this isn't your first time collaborating with Sean Terrio, what does your collaborative process usually look like, especially for "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)?"

Well usually, I'll write the song to completion on piano or guitar and if something about the track excites me, I'll immediately text Sean asking him to come by the next day for us to demo it out. For Take My Time I text him saying I have something very exciting. I knew there was something different about this song, compared to our other collabs. So he came over to the backyard since COVID restrictions wouldn't let us be in the same house, and from 6 feet apart we recorded the demo as a voice memo on my phone. Fun fact, the blurb at the start of the song where I say "maybe stand a little closer" is from that original voice memo.

We noticed that you also released a music video for "Take My Time (feat. Sean Terrio)." How did you bring the song's themes to life within the music video?

I had 3 different ideas for the video before we landed on what it is today. Originally, we were going to shoot in a big film studio in Toronto, then it shut down due to COVID numbers rising again. Then we were going to rent a big cottage in the middle of nowhere, but again it got canceled on us. So over 2 days, we went to a few forests and parks by my house and kind of just winged it. The video doesn't really show the theme of love the song has, but it perfectly captures the fun in the track. We just wanted to goof around and dance, so that's what we did. We had a blast filming it, and I'm happy that our fans have a blast watching it!

Sean Terrio and yourself seem to have this intense musical chemistry. Would you ever think of creating a collaborative EP or album?

We definitely think about an album or EP frequently. For me, the idea of an album is very important. I love cohesive bodies of work that tell a story, and feel full, and have a satisfying ending. One day I plan on creating something like that, but for now, our process of putting out singles is working great for us. It lets us weave through genres and tell a broader story through individual artworks and music videos etc. I love how we put out music right now, but a day will come when we lock in and make a full album.

What's next for you?

The next little while we plan to keep pushing Take My Time. The response to it has been truly amazing, and we want to share it with as many ears as possible. We've been doing all we can to try to get it radio play in Canada and to do interviews like this to spread the word. While we do that, Sean and I have a few singles on the go that we're producing. The next one we're doing sounds very different from Take My Time, and I'm so excited to finish it up and show the fans!

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