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Roses are Red, But Georgia Feroce is Dipped in "Baby Blue"

Fresh off the release of "Baby Blue," Los Angeles-based Georgia Feroce immerses listeners in her fusion of indie, pop, and rock elements true to her persona.

Emancipating her emotional angst with a team of masterminds by her side, Georgia Feroce exudes a powerful manifestation while teaming up with producer extraordinaire Tone Def.

Bottomless in the calming opinions true to "Baby Blue," the Rhode Island native dips into reflective emotions drizzled in a smooth as butter implementation where she channels the inner poet within.

Exploding with magnetic vocals, captivating guitar riffs, and the pure passion of Georgia Feroce, you are left with a sense of exposure that has been tapped into as we weld together the bolstering instrumentation and effortless dynamics of the infatuating tone she puts forth.

Georgia Feroce is making herself right at home in the industry as she proves that she is here to stay, so you better be prepared to listen.

Discover more about Georgia Feroce here.



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