Spotlight: Auti’s Moving New Single, “4 Years”

Photo by: Jeremy Ryan

Singer-songwriter Auti shares and expresses many painful memories in her moving new record "4 Years."

Translating her deepest emotions into something beautiful through her music, Auti reminds her audience that they aren't alone when going through a tough time and trying to have a purpose on this earth. Her closest friend took her life due to the harsh bullying - this drove Auti's mission for significant change. Auti's name has been circling the industry since her viral 300 million-view singing video; she's let listeners go on a personal drive with a homage to her late friend, "4 Years." The stunning melodies and transitions are so beautifully constructed, seeping emotion through her heartfelt lyrics that it's almost like she'd be reciting directly from her personal diary. The gripping piano chords creep through the speakers, leaving a mystical atmosphere to be experienced. Captivating her listeners by painting such delicate scenes and reflective storytelling, she sings about her past four years of heartache, pain, and mental struggles. In Auti's recent interview with BuzzMusic, she explains, "4 Years" just happened. It wasn't something I was planning on writing; I just sat down at the piano on the 4th year anniversary of my friend passing suicide and just talked to him."

What a way to honor the memory of a lost one, creating a timeless piece of emotion and capturing the time and raw emotion that Auti felt deep down. Auti feels her niche has got to be an 'emotional-descriptive-ballad-type' song with gripping and deep storytelling, leaving you in awe. Check out the complete article and interview with the talented and promising artist Auti here.