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Spotlight: l.i.lll.i's "E.N.E.M.Y" Makes Friends With Our Speakers and Hearts

l.i.lll.i, a pop, singer-songwriter from East-Central Portugal has released her new single "E.N.E.M.Y," the title track from her upcoming EP. The dark pop and synthy chorus touch on the realization that not everyone is who we believe they are.

l.i.lll.i combine heart-wrenching lyrics with an electro-pop synthy chorus that gets us moving. The inspiration for the sonics comes from a variety of mundane sounds in combination with a music production course. Her intention for writing "E.N.E.M.Y" was to help others move forward from negativity in their lives. In a recent interview with BuzzMusic l.i.lll.i describes her tactics when dealing with difficult individuals, “dancing our enemies away should be the answer.”

Listeners need not wait for more captivating content from l.i.lll.i, as her first EP titled 'Ethereal' is due out soon. Discover more about l.i.lll.i here.


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